Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the selling process work? 
A. We're glad you asked! If you're interested in selling items to Curve Conscious, you can either book a Virtual Buying Session so we can review the items you'd like to sell together via Zoom or request a prepaid shipping label then pack your items, print out your prepaid label and drop off your package at your local Post Office or UPS Store. Please allow 1-3 business days to process your items. We will go through all of your items and select the ones we think we can resale. After we choose the best items, you'll be notified of your cash offer. Payments are sent electronically via PayPal or Venmo. We do not use CashApp. 

Q. How much will I get for my items?
A. Cash offers are for 30% of the resale value. Depending on the item cash value can start at $3 and go up.

Q. What type of items do you take?
A. We accept clothing and shoes. Clothing and shoes are bought seasonally. We also accept bras, lingerie, and active wear all year round. We're always in need of tops/blouses, dresses, denim jeans, skirts, jackets, and shoes/sneakers.

Q. What type of items do you not accept?
A. We will not take items outside of the store policy such as, being too old and out of style, items that have stains and odors, items that have tears, broken zippers, and missing buttons. We also do not accept certain brands from Walmart, Rainbow or Forman Mills, since they're already low price items. We will not buy shoes with heels over 4" high. Other items we typically pass on include, pant/skirt suits, wedding gowns, formal wear and capris. We reserve the right to refuse any items that do not fit into our store aesthetic. 

Q. What will you do with the items you do not want?
A. Items that we do not buy will be donated to local charities who provide clothing to vulnerable populations. Items will not be shipped back to you.

Q. Is there a physical store where I can shop/sell?
A. Not at this time. Our physical location closed in 2021 and we are now exclusively online. We will have in person pop-ups from time to time and will be sure to let you know when and where!

Q. Can we meet virtually before I send items in to sell?
A. Yes! We recommend you schedule a Virtual Buying Session where you can share items you are interested in selling and they will be reviewed virtually first. Certain items will be requested to be sent in for in-person review. This option will help you get the best offer! 

Q. What sizes do you take?
A. We are exclusively plus size and take items ranging in XL to 4X or 14 to 28. We will occasionally buy size 5X as well. Here's a list of sizes we accept:
XL = 14
1X = 16
2X = 18/20
3X = 22/24
4X = 26/28
5X = 30/32

Q. How can I shop online?
A. You can now shop directly from our website. We also use our Instagram and Facebook to sell items that can be purchased via invoice. Another shopping option is our Virtual Shopping Sessions - a one-on-one virtual shopping experience that is catered to you specifically. All Virtual Shopping Sessions require a $50 deposit that is applied to your purchase. 

Q. What's your return policy?
A. We offer returns on items up to 7 days after you receive the item. You must request a return label by replying to your order email.